Dunfermline to Liverpool, IL

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The line went east from Lewiston, then south, then west and south to the Illinois River @ Liverpool

Peoria, IL

Oct. 29, 1978, Special Instructions #8 Hannibal Division, 13th Subdivision.

Lewistown to South Liverpool 5 mph, Rule 105, treated as industrial track. "Do not occupy highway crossing MP 5.6 unless flasher signals are operating on highway traffic has been stopped."

Union Electric had their own rail line from Dunfermline to Liverpool. Both lines crossed Highway 24 a few miles apart.

BN track was south of UE track and closer to Havana.

John D. Bybee
Vermont, IL

I believe these lines were for coal loading for a power plant, the Gose creek Plant operated by AmarenCIPS(?). That plant is the raison d'etre of the Dunfermline Subdivision of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Once or twice a week, cola trains are operated on this line. Tracvk has been upgraded to accommodate the trains. Most major highway crossings have flasher signals, but not many have gates. The line starts at Vermont through Ipava, Lewistown, to St. David and toDunfermline. The original Yates City Subdivision is out of service and has little traffic besides storing empty freight cars.

George R Carlisle
originally Urbana IL, ID

This crossing like another one miles away that also went to Liverpool was still in place as late of the 1970's. Removal must have been in the late 1970s or early 1980's. This spur served a local coal mine and the rails went to this barge facility. I was told the grade can still be seen near Liverpool. A few miles away that went to the south end of Liverpool was another spur that came from the former cb&q and current bnsf line. This is all I really know of either one. Both crossed Route 24 but miles apart.

Jan Smith
Canton, IL

United Electrics Buckheart Mine opened in 1937 and it closed in 1984. The tracks crossed route 24 and ran along the buckheart creek just north of Liverpool to a loading dock. The rails were still intact as late as the 1970s but may have seen little service if any since another mine near Banner had a loading dock not too far away or so I was told. ;)

Jan Smith
Canton, IL