Tye River to Massies Mill

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Greg Harrison

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This is the trail head for the Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Trail. This was opened within the past year, and covers a short segment of the line between Piney River and Roses Mill (on the Tye River). Photo by Mike Palmer, February 2004.

The Virginia Blue Ridge was a shortline that connected to the Southern Railway (now Norfolk Southern) at Tye River, in Nelson County. The VBR served several quarries in the area.

This short line ran along the north bank of the Tye River, and then passed through the towns of Roses Mill, Piney River, Canopy, Lowesville, Buffalo Mine and Massies Mill. The right-of-way along the Tye River is still visible, and the bike trail segment (see photo) is easily traced. Beyond Lowesville parts of the right of way are overgrown with trees and brush.

Your story is pretty accurate. My father was the last engineer on the VBR. I grew up riding the rail from Piney River to the yard at Tye River as well as living right next to the old rite-away. Thanks for bringing back some good memories. If I can be of any assistance, you have my email. thanks again.

Chuck Sprouse
Massies Mill, VA


It would be nice to have dates for some of this.

Nick Hayes
Henrico, VA


Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/20m

Do you have any pictures or information about Tye River to Massies Mill? Please . You will get credit for anything you contribute.