Frankfort to Mesick


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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway)

The precise location of the Frankfort to Mesick route can be followed on Google Earth by following the Betsie Valley Trailway from Frankfort-Elberta. Photos of the historic (first) rail ferry terminus have been posted on Google Earth. Trail goes all the way to Mesick though less well maintained at that end than Frankfort-Elberta. It is one of the great rail scenic bicyling tours

Robert Crane
McAllen now, TX


The terminus in Frankfort used to load car ferries bound for Menominee MI(CNW),Kewaunee WI(Green Bay Western) and Manitowoc WI(CNW and SOO)

Reedsville, WI


As a kid in the late 1970's early 80's we had a cabin in our family along this route as it hugged the shore of Crystal Lake. One of my fondest memories was seeing a train run along this track, between our cabin and the beach a few times a week as it hauled boxcars to and from Elberta and the City of Milwaukee until they closed it down in the early 80's if memory serves me correctly.

In the mid-80's some investors bought it but as I recall were unable to make the venture successful. At that time I remember the bank requiring an engine to be driven up and down the tracks (I believe twice a month) to prove the tracks were still useable.

Karl Burnside
Mount Morris, MI


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