New Philadelphia to Roswell

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  • States: Ohio   
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The Tuscarawas Branch

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Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 14164 Date: 4/3/1943 Section: 1
Application of Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad Company and Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Lessee, for authority (1) abandonment of that portion of the former Tuscarawas Branch extending from a point at or near West Philadelphia to its terminus in the vicinity of Boswell, a distance of approx. 5.53 miles, all in Tuscarawas County, Ohio and (2) abandonment of operation thereover by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company as Lessee.
Length: 5.53 miles Citation: 254 ICC 825  

This branch was in site from Ohio route 39, leaving New Philadelphia traveling east on 39 you can look north and see a tree line that marks the old line, It crosses 39 near an old building that now sells guns about 3 miles east of new philly. then it follows south of route 39 until it nears Roswell where it was covered up when route 39 was rerouted and improved in the mid 60's. There is a railroad street just south of new 39 which is and was south of the actual city of Roswell, seems like the track ended in a valley just east of Roswell, My guess is that it ended at a coal mine.

Brian Burk
Madison, , OH


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