Tuscaloosa to Montgomery

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This was abandoned sometime in the 1980s or early 90s. Of course this was several years after the Illinois Central merger.

Raymond Housel
Tuscaloosa, AL


The line from Tuscaloosa to Maplesville was abandoned by the Illinois Central Gulf in the early 1980's. Southern Ry acquired the segment from Maplesville to Autauga Creek (just south of Prattville) and Seaboard (now CSX) acquired the segment from Autauga Creek to Montgomery. In 2011, the Maplesville to Autuaga Creek segment was acquired by the new Autauga Northern RR.

Bill McCord
Port Orange, FL


This was an old GM & O line to Montgomery. It is still in service just a couple of miles south of Tuscaloosa to serve local industry. The line is active south of Maplesville as NS purchased it to allow access to Montgomery customers. You can follow it pretty well from Google earth. I think it was pulled up in the mid 80's. The GMO ran a section of the Gulf Coast Rebel to Montgomery on this line. The GMO sign is still on the side of the rail bridge as you enter Prattville. The depot in Prattville still stands but boarded up. Hope this helps.

Alabama, AL


The line is owned by NS and leased by short-lines today. Alabama Southern and Autauga Northern railroad companies, subsidiaries of Watco. The rails are in-place and were not removed in 1980's. The last IC trains rumbled through Prattville in the early 80's and the line fell silent throughout the 1980's. The possibility for some group to run excursion train from Tuscaloosa to Montgomery's Amtrak Station since Union is no longer operational for on-boarding and off-boarding passengers.

Prattville, NC


Passenger service on this line ended in 1952. The line was very active with freight interchanged between the GM&O and the SAL at Montgomery. However, after the ACL-SAL merger in 1967, traffic patterns changed and the volume of freight on the line -- aside from the large paper mill near Prattville -- entered an irreversible decline.

Rails still extend a short distance south of Tuscaloosa to reach industrial shippers who are active as of June 2013. Alabama Southern operates this spur.

The bridge over the Cahaba River at Centreville was removed, although the depot was renovated and moved to a new location. Rail also still extends about one-third of a mile

north of Maplesville, but there appear to be no active freight shippers on that spur.

CSX holds title to the segment from the paper mill south into Montgomery, including the former GM&O West End Yard. Norfolk Southern holds title to the segment from Maplesville to the paper mill. Autauga Northern leased the NS portion and operates it; Autauga Northern also has trackage rights over the CSX portion.

Chuck Till
Raleigh, NC


Just across the norfolk southern kansas city southern diamond there are some local factories and there is two rails that split off from the main line that are not ocuppied

Tuscaloosa, AL


What is now the Alabama southern railroad there is road that is near a chicken factory called peco there's a road the tracks go through the road but are abandoned it

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Tuscaloosa, AL


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