Torrance to Carson

The Torrance Branch crosses Crenshaw Boulevard; view is looking west. The rails have been cut here and a barricade installed. Photo by Andrew Laverdiere, July 2010.
Looking east from the crossing with Crenshaw Boulevard. Further along at Van Ness Avenue, the right-of-way becomes overgrown with trees. Photo by Andrew Laverdiere, July 2010.

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This was actually an AT&SF line; it was called the Alcoa Spur. The west end is still connected to the Harbor Subdivision, and occasionally a tank car or two is spotted for a local business. The eastern end extended to what used to be a McDonnell Douglas plant, between Western and Normandie (the site is now occupied by logistics warehouses). Old maps show the east end connected to the SP (ex-Pacific Electric) that runs parallel to Normandie Ave., but I never explored that connection.

Mike Palmer
Torrance, CA