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The Tonawanda Valley and Cuba Railroad

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When completed in 1882, the narrow gauge Tonawanda Valley and Cuba Railroad operated from an interchange with the Erie Railroad in Attica to another Erie interchange in Cuba NY, where they also connected with the narrow gauge Bradford, Eldred and Cuba Railroad. In 1886, The TV&C ended operations south of Freedom, NY upon going bankrupt, not long after the BE&C had gone bankrupt.

In 1891 the Attica and Freedom Railroad was chartered to operate over the remaining TV&C trackage between its namesake towns. In 1902, a bridge collapsed, severing the line south of Arcade including access to a quarry for ballast. Soon after the A&F was purchased by the nearby Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad, the B&S was ready to scrap the line with the rest of its system by 1915. Locals banded together to create their own road, and the Arcade and Attica Railroad was chartered May 1917. In 1957, Tonawanda Creek flooded its banks and destroyed a couple miles of track. At the time, Attica State prison announced they were switching from coal to oil for heating and as a result, the A&A decided that the interchange with the Erie in Attica was not sufficient enough to rebuild the bridge with a pricetag of $70,000. The line was cut back to its current terminus in North Java.

When the A&A was chartered, they purchased the portion of the B&S line running from Park Street in Arcade to Arcade Junction. With a bit of trackwork, the railroad created a link to the Pennsylvania Railroad at Arcade Junction. This is the railroad's current interchange with the B&P, formerly NS-CR-PC-PRR.

Today, the section of line between North Java and Arcade is still operated by the Arcade and Attica Railroad. The rest of the original Tonawanda Valley and Cuba Railroad right-of-way is abandoned.

Thanks to J.D. Gallaway for contributing information about this route.

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