Batavia to Tonawanda

The Tonawanda Branch


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

This section of trackage is referenced as the Peanut Line. Not much remains of the roadbed since the line was removed in the 1950's and early 1960's. The west end of the line merged with the Lehigh Valley Suspension Bridge Branch at Tonawanda Junction. Not much remains of the junction with the abandonment of the LV Branch on 3-31-76. For years there was a switch shanty that still had the switch levers that controlled the junction. Not sure if the shanty is still there or not. The remaining section of the Peanut Line from Tonawanda Junction to the City of Tonawanda was utilized by the LV via trackage rights to access the PC/NYC Falls Road Branch to Niagara Falls. The section of trackage between Tonawanda Junction and the Exolon plant was removed in the late 1980's. The short section from the plant to the Falls Road remains.

Terry Lang
Fulton, NY


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