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Greg Harrison

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Looking north over the abandoned yard, at the end of the active line at Tomahawk, WI. Photo by Chandler Benn, June 2009.

The lines are adjacent to railroad still operated by Tomahawk Railroad, and Canadian National. These lines were former WC/SOO.

Chandler Benn
Milwaukee, WI


I Have Wanted To Purchase The Tomahawk Railroad Since Some Time And I Have A Good Historic Back Ground On The Location Which The Abandoned Train Yard Had Been Closed Since 1945 Which The Train Yard Had Been Closed Around 1980 And Had Been Used To Provide Stored Carload Which Had Been Abandoned Around 2000 When Wisconsin Central Railroad Had Been Purchased Since Much Stored Had Been From Wisconsin Central Railroad Since Canadian National Railroad Had Much Room Around The United States And Canada The Stored Carload Had Been Stored Some Where Else Or Sold.

The Line Had Been Unused From Tomahawk Railroad Which This Line Had Been Used From Milwaukee Road Which Had Been Abandoned Since 1980 And Had Been Turned In To A Public Trail.

The Old Train Station Had Been Abandoned Since 1980 And Had Been Turned In To A Business Which This Station Had Been Used From The Milwaukee Road From Northern To Southern Wisconsin.

The Old Shed Had Been Used For Another Person And Business Which Had Been Unused From The Railroad Since There Has Been More Than One Shed Around The Present Time Tomahawk Railroad Train Yard Since More Than A Decade And This Had Never Been Used. This Could Have Been Used For Milwaukee Road But I Have No Clue What This Would Have Been Used For.

Joliet, IL


This line once passed thru Minocqua. I spent a lot of time in Tomahawk and Minocqua when I was young. Twenty years ago I found some old postcards at the original Northern Pines Resort in Minocqua (before it was burnt down). I don't know how to upload them, so I'll post a link to them in DropBox.

Steam Train, Minocqua 1887

Fishing Camp, Tomahawk Lake 1907

Bob Wiersema
Chicago, IL


Northern WI has no commuter or visitor train lines. It would be nice to get something going to relieve reliance on the roads, even is seasonal.



If you have old maps prior to World War 2 of Vilas County. It is not hard to follow the right of Way for The Milwaukee Road and Northwestern Railroads. The Road through Sayner, Plum Lake, and Star lake is obvious, The Wye in Star Lake and the Logging Railroads to Michigan usually end at swamp which still shows some the Trestles going across them. Interesting stuff if you like history

Ralph Heun
New Berlin, WI


In Tomahawk, follow County road east past Interstate 39 turn north on Kings road and you will find an old paper mill on the Wisconsin river and was serviced by the Marinette, Tomahawk and Western Railroad.

Ralph Heun
New Berlin, WI


I had a high school friend whose parents had a cabin on Star Lake. It was a converted Milwaukee Road boxcar. He has some pictures of it, when they tore it down to put up a new house. I believe it was his Grandpa Schultz who worked for the Milwaukee Rd that was the original owner.

Jim Woods
Topeka, KS


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