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Map submitted by Aaron M.

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(Forwarded from the Toledo, Angola & Western Railway)

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Photo by Aaron M., September 2009.

The Toledo, Angola, and Western Railway began life in 1902, intended as a spur between the New York Central and the Toledo Terminal, with the stone quarries in Silica. Originally 8 miles long, in later years, it would stretch 12 miles. It ran along the New York Central's Old Road division (itself abandoned just beyond a grain elevator near the Ohio/Michigan border) for the first 5 miles, then split, where it headed to Silica.

The line eventually folded in 1979, and was subsequently purchased by a club, which ran a few tourist excursions. By the late 1980's however, this too folded, and Lucas County purchased the line, turning it into a recreational trail, the University/Parks Trail.

Today, most of the entire length of the ROW is in use as a trail. A few of the original railroad bridges have been reused, as pictured here.

Thanks to Aaron M. for contributing information about this route.

I live by this line and I know of a few abandon sidings that where the rails are still there. I don't know the history behind them, but they are there! -Scott K

Scott Keaffaber
Toledo, OH


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Scott Keaffaber
Toledo, OH


The TA&W used to have a 2-mile branch from just east of where it crossed Centennial Rd. It ran due north from there to Erie St. Not sure when the branch was dismantled, but I estimate sometime in the 1950s, as the only evidence that appears to remain are tree paths and property lines. This branch was part of a railroad called the Silica Northern, which the TA&W purchased in 1913. I think the Silica Northern's purpose was to connect the sand quarries with the Toledo & Western Railway, which ran along what's now Sylvania-Metamora Rd. and was shut down in 1935 at that location.

Curiously, the power lines that used to run along the E-W part of the TA&W also turned north at that point, but they did not follow the right-of-way.

Mike Kotler
Toledo, MD


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