Thebes to Klondike

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

On the Illinois side of the Thebes bridge there are clearly visible remnants of a wye.

Mitch Jorstad
Cairo, IL


This is a former Missouri pacific Line that connected from the main line, crossing the Mississippi River at Thebes, to Cairo. Like the former Gulf Mobile and Ohio, it went atiop a levee . There is little left of this line.

George R Carlisle
Urbana, IL


Where the line ran along Highway 3, did this line run on top of the highest levee, and the GM&O run on a "step" toward the highway?

Tommy Young
Paris, TN


The old MoPac right-of-way is pretty much obliterated, and cannot be determined from the highway. On the other hand, much of the old GM&O is still visible from route 127 and then route 3, all the way from Murphysboro to Cairo. Some of the rail is still in place north of Cairo. I believe the wye is still there off the CN (old IC main). I think the unit grain trains from the barge transfer facility at Mounds, use the wye on occasion, as this is the southern terminus of their routing.

Brent L Staulcup
Metropolis, IL


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