Texarkana, TX to Shreveport, LA

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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Texarkana, Shreveport & Natchez Railroad)

Note: This information drawn from Texas & Pacific Railway: Operation and Traffic by Charles Zlatkovich

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Evidence of this former Texas & Pacific line can be found around Market Avenue in north Shreveport. Photo by Greg Harrison.

This abandoned railway was started by the Texarkana and Shreveport Railroad in order to connect major rail lines in both Texarkana and Shreveport to the south in Louisiana. Construction started in 1894 in Texarkana and wended southward, almost reaching the Arkansas-Louisiana state line when the Texarkana, Shreveport and Natchez Railroad purchased the T&S in 1899. The TS&N continued building the line and completed it to Shreveport. The Texas and Pacific Railroad purchased the line on February 9, 1901.

The line saw both freight and passenger service initially, but as happens with most other railroad lines during the 1950s, traffic levels dwindled, and the northern 42 miles of the line (about 2/3rds of its total length) was up for abandonment in 1966. The southern end of the line was used to serve a refinery in Hosston, LA with access from Shreveport. Once the refinery closed in 1981, the tracks were abandoned soon after.

Today, evidence of the southern portion of the line still exists: some of the grade crossings in northern Shreveport are still there, and the raised grading of the right-of-way can be easily spotted along US 71. A majority of the route can also be discerned in satellite imagery.

Thanks to Mike Palmieri for contributing information about this route.

Interlocking Towers

Nbr Location Railroads Type Authorized Retired Map
42 Texarkana StL&SW, T&P, T&FtS    Electrical 7/7/1904
Razed in the 1990s




The tracks from Good Roads to Hosston were pulled up around 1983 or 1984. I last remember seeing a train work the segment between the current end of track and Good Roads in 1987. It was an MP geep and lumber car.

Brian Smith
Live in Ark, raised in La


On 3049 - Dixie Shreveport Hwy just south of George Rd is a creek that used to be part of the Red river. Just to the right (East) of 3049 at that body of water is a old concrete support column in the water where the tracks used to cross.

Ida, LA


Its such a shame that the T&P depot in Shreveport was torn down. It was a beautifull structure owned by a private individual who used it as a place to store books. There was or still is a RR preservation society fighting a losing battle because no one cares here. They finally got a museuem in a small spot of a water works museum. Ive seen more impressive RR museums in small towns or in a more appropriate place. It isn't totally their fault. They tried to get that T&P Depot before it got torn down. Chances looked good until the Waddle A truss bridge across the cross bayou got condemned. After that the only access to north Shreveport industrial park was by that old abandoned depot. They had to give up. Eventually it got torn down for the Shreveport convention center. The track is still used to service a few buisnesses along the track before the abandoned bridge at cross bayou. Its part of this Texarkana & Shreveport line. It's the only part still in use.

Kenneth Williams
Shreveport, LA


I live south of texarkana about a half mile from the old railroad and there are still old brick culverts under the old path.

Jeffery Hanson
Texarkana, AR


I found a bronze RR lock in Belcher that has TSN RR on it. From this article it would appear it had to be made in 1899 as the name changed after that. I was offered a good deal of money for it but refused. I was told stuff from the TSN is virtually unheard of.

jeff lynn
belcher, LA


I used to walk the tracks from Doddridge to the Sulphur river crossing when I was 12, with a friend, I have often wondered why the old right of way couldn't be converted to the rails to trails program, would be a great walk

David Lewis
Doddridge, AR


I believe the TS&N stood for Texarkana, Shreveport , & Natchitoches, not Natchez

David Lewis
Doddridge, AR


My great-grandfather worked this line as a conductor. Among family heirloom, I have an old key for a padlock (for a switch?) marked on one side "K C S R R" and on the other the numbers 10405. Is it possible the afore-mentioned R.R. owned this railroad?

Russ Allan
Hubbardton, VT


David Lewis, it was Natchez.

Jeff Lynn, it became the TS&N in 1899 and was bought by the T&P in 1901. While I am not positive, I believe that it was absorbed into the company at that time. If that is so, then the TS&N only existed for about 3 years under that name. That would make any of it's memorabilia quite rare.

Russ Allan, there was never any connection between the TS&N and KCS, which still exists, in any manner, so far as I am aware.

Keller, TX


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