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The Terre Haute and Indianapolis Railroad

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Map submitted by Anthony Korzeniewski.

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Greg Harrison

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Abandoned bridge over Lost Creek, east of Terre Haute. Photo by Anthony Korzeniewski, December 2007.

This railroad line was originally chartered by Chauncey Rose as the Terre Haute and Richmond Railroad in 1847, with the segment from Terre Haute to Indianapolis being completed in 1851 and the first train running in January 1852. It went through a series of name changes before ending up the Terre Haute & Indianapolis Railroad, and appears to have been sold to the PRR in 1893 and incorporated under the Vandalia name.

When the PRR merged with NYC in 1968 to form Penn Central, they elected to keep the NYC's own double-tracked line between Terre Haute and Indianapolis, abandoning the PRR corridor.

Today, the Terre Haute end of the right-of-way serves as the National Road Heritage Trail, along which remains many artifacts of the former railroad line, as seen in the pictures.

Thanks to Anthony Korzeniewski for contributing information about this route.

Great pictues and more interesting history.

Nashville, TN


These are great Anthony. You did a great job.

Doris Hughes
Louisville, KY


Great research.

Grampa K.

Anthony Korzeniewski
Black Lake, near Onaway Mi., MI


In the interest of accuracy, pictures 1-3 illustrate the remnants of a line that was never any part of the TH&I or its successors. The Lost Creek trestle photos, if they are located as the map indicates, were part of the Terre Haute Belt line of the former Milwaukee Road.

Richard Wallis
Wheaton, IL


Penn Central did not abandon the PRR corridor from Indy to Terre Haute in 1968. As a kid living next to the old PRR main line, I watched for several years as all Penn Central east bound trains heading for Indy passed by the house. I even recall seeing some short passenger trains pass by. I do not know the exact year they abandoned the line and pulled the rails east of Greencastle, but my guess would be around '72 or '73.

Steve Miller
Seelyville, IN


Two things. First, the line between Terre Haute and Greencastle wasn't abandoned until the 1990's. The parallel NYC line almost touches at Greencastle, and rail traffic connected via the North-South Monon line there. Second, there was a short connector in Terre Haute missing from your map that departed the line on your map at 13th street and traveled due west to the Wabash River bridge. That line was abandoned in the early 1980's when I was very young, and I can still vaguely remember the crossings on 4th street and Lafayette Avenue.

Linton, IN


I was the last engineer to run the "Main line" davis to lennox as the Penn Central called it,

actually I worked for the Terre Haute Brazil & Eastern RR

the spur that is still intact with the tressle is the old 84 lumber spur, we shuved lumber cars in there back in "89"

the massive concrete bridge you refered to was the East end of the "Outside" car shops and you had 41 and 42 tracks (east and West freight mains) and to the south 1 and 2 tracks (east and West Passenger mains), so, in total there were 5 tracks across the bridge with a spur to the North that went to the war aid depot ,

Larry Wilson
Terre Haute , IN


I hired in as a brakeman on the former Penn Central in 1974. At that time thie line was used for freight service. There was the long pool that usually had several freights a day sent to indianapolis and there were two local freights. One switched all of the trackside industry west of Greencastle. The other, called the TAV-1 and the TAV-2 was a local that took freight to Avon, Indiana on this line and came back. Sometimes, it would come back on this line, other times it would come back on the Big 4 side old NYD double main. They used exclusively the old PRR East Yards in Terre Haute for switching and the Duane Yards, the old Big 4 yards were used for storage. At that time there were 13 yard jobs working out of the East Yards in the Terre Haute area all originating in the former PRR East Yards between 25th Street and Fruitridge Ave. .

John Garner
Terre Haute, Indiana, IN


Hey John, do you remember ora dyer, Dean Williamson, Carl Altman,Red Howell?

Larry Wilson
Terre Haute


I remember Dean Williamson. He worked as the engineer the Greenwood job on third trick and also I worked several other jobs out of Terre Haute with him. I am sure that I worked with the others but I'd have to go to my timebooks to give you particulars. Dean dated the widow across the street from me. Her name was Peggy Roberts. They were both nice people.

John Garner
Terre Haute, Indiana, IN


Was it it L.W. Wilson?

Come to think of it, I think that R.D. Williamson worked as engineer on the 2nd trick Greenwood with Cookie and Berry. When I hired in I worked the 3rd trick Greenwood as a regular Yard job. The Conductor was Carl Layman. His son is my dentist. The Engineer was Don Lowe and Jack Archer was the Fireman. I worked in Avon when I could no longer hold Terre Haute. Then, after the Crew Consist, I could not work anywhere. I took a buy out in 1987. I wish now that I had not. Occasionally I see Charlie Barth, around, you know. Call me some time. I am in the phone book. Or e-mail...whatever. I saw Burl Shafer recently. Lots of good memories. You worked the Long Pool a lot, didn't you? The last job I worked was a work train over by Casey, IL. Larry Martin was the conductor.

John Garner
Terre Haute, IN


Yeah, I'm Dean was my buddy, I grew up 1 block from east yard, so I knew'm all!

Probably names you've not heard in a long while,

Many fond memories of the round house, all the business going on everywhere!

Bob Haggerman was a good friend too from the mechanical department, Andy Cosco was the detective until Dave took over.

I could go on and on with stories the old timers told me about the PRR days there!

YES! We'll have to get together! I'm working nights right now, so, I'll find ya somehow!

Larry Wilson
Terre Haute, IN


Interesting info! I ran into this when looking for info on a Railroad lantern with 'T. H. & I. R. R.' logo. My father-in-law was Jack Ryan, a Penn Central freight conductor, who ran from Logansport to Terre Haute for years. Used to live in his caboose at the Terre Haute


Don Deane
Logansport, IN


If you check out Historicaerials.com, you can follow the line very well. Many other tracks in the area that are long gone as well. Good read.

Walter Imhof
Manorville, NY


Hey Don,

I wonder if the cab we have at the Wabash Valley Railroaders Museum was Jack's. It was last uses on the Terre Haute to Logansport line.


Bill Foster
terre haute, IN


Does anyone remember Joseph "Jack" Dierdorff, an engineer from Terre Haute, IN? If so, donyou have pictures or documentation from the RR on him? 317 417-2984

Jack passed in 1985 at 68 yrs old. He was my grandfather

Tom Bumgardner
Montezuma, IN, IN


I rode the line between Brazil and Limedale in the fall of 1988 when the Terre Haute Brazil and Eastern operated a tourist train on that line. I still have the ticket stub.

The train was pulled by a switcher and had a couple of flat cars that had open air "coaches" built on top. The ride ended just west of the elevator at Limedale.

Nick Nordmann
Hamilton, IN


The line between Greencastle and Ben Davis was abandoned around 1982 or so and removed soon after. The part between Greencastle and Limedale was left in until about 1985 when it was finally pulled. In Plainfield there is a trail built on the old ROW west of the former location of a bridge over White Lick Creek.

Eric Zerkle
Waterloo, IN


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