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A freight building at Terminous, adjacent to the camping area. Photo by Jack Witthaus.

In 1927, the Western Pacific Railroad completed a branch to a landing with access to the Sacramento Delta agricultural region in Terminous, CA. The railroad constructed a "company town" for trans-shipment of produce from farms on the many islands of the Delta -- goods arrived by boat and were loaded onto trains for shipment.

The branch, typical of the state of Western Pacific (affectionately known to many as "The Wobbly"), was listed as having class 2 track limits. It hosted for many years and late into the 1940s one of Western Pacific's oldest locomotives, a diminutive 2-8-0 built in the 1880s. All except a short stub was abandoned in the 1960s.

Today, Terminous hosts a large marina and campground. Many of the original railroad buildings survive, particularly the waterfront warehouses. Their former railroad service is distinctly apparent by their large freight doors and docks. Beyond this, remnants of the railroad are scarce, however. Terminous lies on State Highway 12, about 6 miles west of Interstate 5.

Thanks to Jack Witthaus for contributing information about this route.

I remenber this line when it was in service in 1952 when I was still living in Terminous,California. Now I live Buena Park and study the Pacific Electrci and the ATSF railroads

Benjamin Gonzalez
Buena Park, CA


My family & I lived in Terminous between 1960 & 1964. We went to school at the old Terminous school which is now a private residence across from Terminous Market. Mr. Robert W. Penberthy was my teacher & principal of the school. Does anyone know when the school was closed & what happened to Mr. & Mrs. Regal (cook & bus driver/janitor)? I have very dear memories of this place!

Sandy Bryant
Ventura, CA


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