Tego to Bayfield and Ashland, WI

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Lines from Hudson WI and Eau Claire WI met in Spooner WI ran north to Trego WI and split to Superior and Ashland WI. This was known as the Omaha X. The Omaha Road was merged into the CNW in the late 50's. Three of those lines had been abandoned by CNW. Union Pacific uses trackage rights from CN on a line that paralleled the Trego to Superior

depere, WI

a few years back i visited spooner and the railroad museum and while i was there i visited with a man who was a conductor for the northwestern from the 60's until the 90's and he ran from eau claire to superior--down to hudson up to ashland through his career. by 1991 the hudson-spooner line was already gone the ashland-spooner gone and the park falls spur gone--all was left was the main line from eau claire to superior which had a large stil very active yard in spooner--at that time in late 1991 he said the board of directors for the northwesten were at odds with the the remaining line and ultimatly they decided to abandoned it from rice lake through spooner all the way to superior..they figured it was cheaper to get trackage rights on another line to get goods to superior as is the case today as the northwesterns predocessor the union pacific has trackage in and around superior but had NO track leading there. at one point in late 1992 with yard and tracks gone in spooner they were still using the station for a transfer point for the workers in which a truck would drive all the way up to spooner from eau claire to pick up conductors engineers etc.. and hall them down to eau claire for work. he said they joked they had a station/depot and know tracks to run on. this was short lived by early 1993 the station in spooner was closed and all assignments transfered to altoona/eau claire

tim schneider
muscoda, WI

I always wondered why there are still UP tracks in Superior. Now i know why. When C&NW abandoned the line from Eau Claire to Superior, they must have left some tracks in place along the Lake for switching because today the UP has no direct line to either Duluth or Superior. C&NW was a poorly managed company in the 20th century. They abandoned way more track than they should have. Thanks Ben Heineman.

patrick dempsey
chaska, MN

I agree with Pat D. Northwestern as well as Milwaukee Road management was poorly run. Foresight was not in their vocabulary. To bad the ICC would not allow the Milwaukee Road and C&NW to merge in the mid 50's. Things could have been different today. However, I will play devils advocate, The railroad companies did not have a crystal ball.

D. Marks
South Milwaukee, WI

CNW and now Union Pacific have an ore loading facility in Superior.If you come into Superior on US 53 from the south you will pass under part of it

Reedsville, WI

That's not the UP's Dock that you pass under. That's always been GN/BN/now BNSF's.

Pekin, IL