Beatrice to Nemeha, NE

This line was constructed over a 2-year period by the Republican Valley Railroad between 1880 and 1882. The RVRR was merged into the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad shortly after the line's completion. It was abandoned in segments:

        Beatrice      Tecumseh      Johnson      Auburn      Nemeha
1880      |------ Republican Valley Railroad ------|
1881                                               |-- RVRR ----|
1882      |----- Burlington & Missouri River Railroad ----------|
1944      |..abandoned...|--------------------------------------|
1955                     |-------------------------|.abandoned..|
1970                     |-- Burlington Northern --|
1984                     |-------------|.abandoned.|
1985                     |..abandoned..|

—  User Comments  —

As a child I remember seeing abandoned roadbeds while riding along US highway 136 between Beatrice and Tecumseh. I believe this line was abandoned in the early 1940's. Later I remember seeing BN Geeps running over the line between Tecumseh and Johnson. I believe it was abandoned in the 1970's the track has been removed. This line hauled all my great-grandfather's belongs when he moved in the early 1900's from Kenesaw, Ne to near Johnson, Ne. His house-hold goods, cattle and farm equipment were unloaded at Graf, Ne now a ghost town and no longer shown on road maps.

James Wolken
Omaha, NE

In the mid 30's The original BMR ran from Falls City to

Beatrice via Verdon, Nemaha, Johnson, Rohr, Tecumseh and on to Filley and Beatrice. We had a friend who was the station agent in Verdon and later at Filley. I rode the mixed train from Verdon to Filley when I was 8 years old.

Daniel Bowers
Verdon, NE