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Greg Harrison

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This Illinois Central branch line from Saratoga, MS, runs over to Mize and stops between Mize and Taylorsville. It was originally the Gulf & Ship Island Railroad. The line beyond Taylorsville was removed in about 1990, and ran through Summerland, Gitano, SoSo and ended in Laurel. This photo depicts part of the line that was removed just north of Taylorsville. Photo by Paul McGuffin, February 1959.

That looks like 3 ft narrow guage track

Carbondale, IL


The old depot was torn down many, many years ago. The depot-looking building is a senior center that has been built in recent years.

The depot was constructed from a model of the original, and is now used for many social and official occasions. It is the site used for Senior Citizen Center where seniors can gather for lunch and social interaction daily.

Also, the track is regular gauge ... not 3-foot. This was a regular, Illinois Central route that ran from Saratoga, Miss., to Laurel, Miss.

John Walker
Taylorsville, MS


John, can you dig up some old railroad photos to post from the old days in the Taylorsville-Laurel area? I was only 16 when I took the photo just north of town back in Feb. 1959. I grew up in Taylorsville until 1949. Moved to California then. Anderson, Ainsworth, Craft are all my relatives. I remember steam engines and the old cotton gin in town. Talorsville was a Train Order station.

Paul McGuffin
Green Valley, AZ, AZ


hi my dad in law, work for the Illinois Central, in 1925, his name was, monroe thomas burch. His was born 1906. live in mize, mississipp:

Paul Buras
Bogalusa, LA


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