Tallman to Wilkins, OR

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Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: AB 12 Sub 80 11/16/1984 Section: 10903
Application for abandonment of a line of railroad between M.P. 684.87 at or near Tallman to M.P. 654.98 at or near Wilkins, a distance of 29.89 miles, in Lane and Linn Counties, Oregon.
Length: 29.89 miles

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This branch was described in the February 1989 Trains magazine article about Oregon SP branches. This particular line had one remaining wood-products shipper in Wilkins. It was unprofitable to continue service on the line, and the ICC approved the abandonment.

Mike Palmer
Torrance, CA

North from Tallman was the original crossing of the S Santiam to Balm

Kenn Lantz
Clackamas, OR