Taft to McCoy Air Force Base

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Map submitted by Chuck Hanus.

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McCoy Air Force Base had a small railroad yard, some of which still exists today. This view is looking west, towards the wye with the active CSX A-Line. Photo by Chuck Hanus, November 2005.

The former McCoy Air Force Base, in Orlando, FL, was used by the military from the 1940s until the mid-1970s; afterward, it was redeveloped into today's Orlando International Airport. As is typical of most military bases at the time, it was served by a nearby railroad mainline (in this case, the CSX A-Line, formerly the Seaboard Coast Line) by way of a branch/spur that is now abandoned today. Its routing is hard to determine, as the area's redevelopment into Orlando International Airport has all but obliterated any evidence of it.

Chuck Hanus shares some photos of the little remaining vestiges of this small branch line, and adds: The wye joins the CSX A-Line and is just south of SR-528 Beachline Expressway and now is a circumferential route for the CSX Intermodal Facility in Taft. The line into the closed base disconnects for a few hundred feet and is not evident how the route previously ran (except looking at maps), but it picks up again in trees running between a road and a neighborhood. It continues east onto the former AFB property and later Navy property.

I was at Mccoy 1963-1967. I remember those tracks. All of the fuel for the planes came from Rail Tanker Cars. There were always some Tanker Cars parked on base.

John Blalock
Debary, FL


Can you still visit these locations? Also, is any of the base still left?

Gavin Winnett
Boca Raton, FL


Absolutely! Very few buildings remain from the base, mostly foundations. The tracks are still there and end on the west side by a subdivision (crossing on Barber Drive), and run to the east side toward Tradeport. The wye is completely overgrown by bushes and trees, but the switch near "Ave C" provides the view in the photos above. It's definitely worth a drive around the area, albeit a small area left to see.

Orlando, FL


The railroad that originally served McCoy was the Atlantic Coast Line (ACL).

Harvey Henkelmann


Who would you contact to purchase this line?

New York , NY


Got word recently that SunRail is going to expand into the airport by 2018 if not earlier.

New Smyrna Beach, FL


I was stationed at McCoy AFB from May of 1963 to January of 1966. Was there when Walt and Roy Disney announced their intention to construct a Disney complex in the "swamps" of Orange County, Florida. WOW, look at that area now 2017. It is not the same. I was assigned to the Photo Lab. It was a great assignment for me being young & single. The Barn down the street was the main entrance is gone. It is a whole new world in that part of FL. Great memories of being an US Air Force guy.............Richard

Richard A. Beardsley
Newark, DE


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