The Sutton Branch

Flatwoods to Sutton, West Virginia

The Sutton Branch was built by the West Virginia & Pittsburgh Railroad in 1898. The following year, it was purchased by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad which then abandoned the line in 1930. A topographical map from 1907 shows the short branch line (highlighted for visibility). It split from the B&O Virginia and Pittsburg Branch at Flatwoods (at the top right) and headed south to Sutton (bottom left).

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Docket: 8485 9/20/1930 Section: 1
App. for certificate to abandon the Sutton Branch of its West Virginia and Pittsburgh Branch, Charleston Division, between Flatwoods and Sutton, Braxton County, West Virginia, a distance of 5.63 miles.
Length: 5.630 miles Citation: 166 ICC 642  
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Docket: AB-19 Sub 4 4/19/1972 Section: 1(18)
Application for authority to abandon the Sutton Branch between VS 201+55 and VS 354+67, a distance of 2.90 mi., all in Braxton County, W, Va.
Length: 2.900 miles Citation:  

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Part of the right of way may be buried under I-79.

Pat Miller
Jane Lew, WV