Sonestown to Masten

The Susquehanna and Eagles Mere Railroad

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Greg Harrison

This railroad started as the Eagles Mere Railroad on July 1, 1892. A narrow-gauge operation, it offered passenger service to the many resorts at Eagles Mere, PA, from a connection with The Williamsport and North Branch Railroad at Sonestown.

In 1901, the EMRR contracted with the W&NB in order to haul timber out of the region around Eagles Mere along the W&NB to local mills and tanneries. Soon, the Susquehanna & Eagles Mere Railroad took over operation of the line as timber became more profitable. Originally ending at the town of Eagles Mere, the S&EM started building west, first to Hillsgrove, and then finally onto Masten and a connection with the Susquehanna and New York Railroad.

As lumber in the area diminished, so too did the traffic along the S&EM, until abandonment of the entire line came in two stages, first in 1922 and finally in 1930.

Although all photos I see online feature this company's Climax geared steam locomotive, they also had an even more rare Dunkirk geared steam engine - possibly the only Dunkirk to have been purchased for passenger operation (Dunkirk geared steam production had ended before Eagles Mere got their timber contract). My source is the book The Dunkirk Locomotive published circa 1979

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