Sumter to Saint Paul

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned line was part of a failed attempt by the Charleston, Sumter and Northern Railroad to connect Charleston with railroad traffic in North Carolina. The CS&N was already bankrupt by 1892. The Atlantic Coast Line purchased the right-of-way in 1895 as the Charleston & Northern Railroad.

Date of abandonment of the line is not known; it does not show up on a 1948 railroad map.

Thanks to Jeffrey Kraemer for contributing information about this route.

I have been trying to find Tindal Station for years. I have a newspaper article about a train derailment at Tindal Station that killed the conductor and another man. The article reads that a trestle or small bridge was washed out and caused the accident. Do you have any information about the actual site of where the accident was?

Lee Tindal
Sumter, SC


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