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Greg Harrison

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The former passenger station at Coyle, OK, now in use as a local police station. No evidence of rails or right-of-way are visible. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2011.

This line existed in two segments, with the portion along the Cimarron River originally constructed as the Eastern Oklahoma Railway, giving E.O. Junction its name. This is a cotton growing region in the state; the rail line was abandoned after the local roads were improved.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 19872 Date: 8/6/1957 Section: 1(18)
Application for authority to abandon that portion of its line of railroad, being a part of the "Stillwater District" of the Oklahoma Division, commencing at M.P. 30/2400 ft., near the station of Stillwater and extending in a southeasterly, southerly, westerly and southwesterly direction to M.P. 76/3064ft. near the junction with the main line of the Okla. Division known as E.O. Junction, a dist. of approx. 46.13 mi, located in Payne & Logan Counties, Okla. and (2) that portion of its railroad being a part of the "Cushing District" of the Okla. Division, commencing at M.P. 1/4380 ft., near the station of Cushing and extending in a general westerly direction to its junction with the Stillwater District - at the station of Ripley, M.P. 10/1011 ft., a distance of approx. 8.27 mi. located in Payne County, Okla. The total length of line to abandoned is approximately 54.49 miles.
Length: 54.4 miles Citation: 295 ICC 831  
Also under this filing: The Cushing District   

been looking for grade and where it went know where some is but from camp Russell to Coyle to Perkins

Randall Mckinney
Guthrie, OK


South bank of the Cimarron for the most part east from Guthrie via Camp Russell, to Pleasant Valley, ( north of the convenience store at Langston off hwy 33) and on to Coyle and Perkins. You can see the ROW clearly at the I35 crossing of the Cimarron.

Steve Davis
Oklahoma City, OK


I am curious. As I see the ROW moving through Coyle at the now police station I am also curious about the abandoned trestle bridge remains clearly visible to the north nearer the river. When travelling across the new bridge over the Cimarron, the trestle timber bridges are clearly visible to the west of the bridge, particularly when going south during the fall and winter when foliage is absent. The east side of the new bridge has remnants as well.

When viewed from Bing or Google maps, these trestles are clearly visible and it appears there are more than one.

Are these part of the railroad and if so what did they do and why were they there?

stillwater, OK


who now owns the railway rightway? did they revert back to orignal plot that it was bought from?

charles sprague
cushing ok., OK


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