Stewartstown to Fawn Grove

The New Park and Fawn Grove Railroad


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Fawn Grove station, now a private home. Photo by Tom Dorman, May 2013.

The New Park and Fawn Grove Railroad was incorporated on May 11, 1905 to build a line between Stewartstown (at a connection with the Stewartstown Railroad) and Fawn Grove, at a distance of 9.2 miles. The first phase to New Park was completed in February, 1906, with the remainder of the line completed in June of that year.

In 1923, the NP&FG was purchased by the Stewartstown Railroad, who continued operations on the line and ultimately abandoned it in 1935.

There is much railroad history in this part of Pennsylvania. My family members worked on the railroad in Pennsylvania and Ohio. It's too bad the New Park and Fawn Grove Railroad was discontinued in 1935, but remember, that was in the depth of the Great Depression and the government began using our taxpayer dollars to improve roads to compete against the railroads. Please support The Stewartstown Railroad as it continues to rebuild from what could have been a similar fate. We need to preserve the rails we still have left.

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