Steward to Mendota


Map submitted by Martin Seyller.

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Greg Harrison

This was a former Milwaukee track. It had a flasher where it crossed US 51 (Now Illinois 251) but not many others. A power line is located alongside the railroad. From Interstate 39, one can see where the line ran, from the power line. There is a grain elevatgor along the Paw Paw Road off I-39. This is an area of large electrical generating windmill complexes.

Mendota has a railroad museum and display CB&Q Hudson and wooden caboose and motor cars. Four Amtrak trains stop there daily

George R. Carlisle
Urbana, IL


This line ran through Mendota to Ladd to pick up coal cars at the Cherry Mine. The former depot in Mendota is now home to an insurance company. There is a street view on Google Maps. The address is 306 W 7th Ave, Mendota, IL 61342.

John Shoener
Somonauk, IL


They used this line for steel to Hennipen until the bridge over the Illinois river was wrecked by a barge in the late 70's. The PC didn't want to fix it and the line then died.

Paul Miller
Montgomery, IL


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