Sterlington, LA to Dollar Junction, AR

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Greg Harrison

There used to be a large plywood mill at Huttig, Arkansas that the railroad worked. The tracks have been taken up from Sterlington to just south of El Dorado, I believe. Don't know if the bridge over the Ouachita River at Sterlington is still there or not.

Michael Walker
Hineston, LA


Yes the old bridge is still in Sterlington. Infact there is still a power line running to the superstructure. If its still operable is a mystery.



Several years ago after abandonment I saw men inspecting the bridge & it had actually been roatated a few degrees. I assume the cost of dismantling is greater than the scrap value.

Also read once that it had been the bridge across the Ouachita River at Columbia, LA for the MP line there & it was motved to Sterlington to replace that bridge.

I live near part of the line that is still active in Monroe & in the late 1980's the UP woul run woodchip cars from the plywood plant at Huttig, AR with two GP 40's & those engines would shake my house pulling those loaded cars.

Robert Hendrick
Monroe, LA


I saw a painting once in a kiosk at Pecanland Mall. I should have bought the thing. It was a painting of MoPac crossing the bayou desired bridge in north Monroe on this line. Would love to have that now. I remember the woodchip trains to Huttig and ventured up there a few times. My High School was right there on the line.

Monroe, LA


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