Wayland, Kentucky

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The Steele Creek Branch

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Map submitted by Shaun Allen.

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Greg Harrison

The Steele Creek Branch was built in 1916 by the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. Originally built to serve the Wayland Mine (of the Elkhorn Coal Corporation), it later was extended in the 1930s to the Stampers Branch, but this extension lasted for only a few short years before it was removed; the track remained, however.

The entire branch was abandoned in 1986 after the CSX merger, and the track was removed in 1987 or 1988.

The branch's main line was exactly 1.32 miles long, with a total of more than three miles of non-main track, all on a grade of 1.5 degrees.

Thanks to Shaun Allen for contributing information about this route.

So all of the tracks are no longer there

Louisville, KY


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