Staunton to Gillespie

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

This was the Illinois Terminal Interurban Line. This ws one of the longer segments that survived until the 1980's for Freight Service. It is not almost all gone, except for a segment south of Carlinville to serve the Montrey Cola Mine. A spur was built to the then-Chicago and Northwestern to ship coal out. The Illinois terminal track was in poor condition, rail too light, and running down the middle of streets in most towns. The segment was abandoned north of Sheeps grain elevator north of Carlinville in 1968. Sheeps and a steel plant in Carlinville still had weekly service. The train ran up the middle of Main Street (Illinois Route 40 in Gillespie, and up the middle of West Street in Carlinville. There sued to be a crossing of the Nw York Central old line in Gillespie, protected by a target semaphore. Carlinville had a primitive gate at a crossing of the former Quincy Carrollton and St Louis, serving a local lumber yard. There was a grade separation under the G M & O in Carlinville and New York Central near Staunton. There was an interlocking near Girard and Virden.

A fire on Goat Hollow trestle severed the line south of Carlinville. By then the line south of Monterey mine was severed. Trains to Sheeps and steel plant came from C&NW on the mine spur. This was the lastline haul street running of the Illinois Terminal.

Norfolk Southern absorbed the Illinois Terminal in 1982 and service on the Staunton line was discontinued. Only lines around Decatur and St Louis were left. Trackage rights on other former owner railroads were discontinued. The yellow and chartreuse locootives were painted Norfolk Southern black.

George R. Carlisle
formerly Urbana, IL, IL


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