Springfield to Dayton

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

These two lines are both made into rail trails. The line from Dayton to Xenia were pulled up in 1986 when all traffic between London and Dayton was diverted via Springfield and Fairborn. The line from Springfield to Goes (north of Xenia) was abandoned in the late 70's. The line between Goes and Xenia was abandoned in the late 60's or early 70's. That line went right up Detroit Street in Xenia.

The line from the junction in Xenia to Dayton was the route that DT&I train DC9 was taking when it was knocked flat by the Xenia tornado on April 3, 1974. The train was using trackage rights from South Charleston to Cincinnati via Dayton and the main bulk of the train was knocked all over the streets by the tornado which cut the town in half. If you look at old tornado pictures you can see boxcars and autoracks all over Kroger's parking lot.

Brian S.
Troy, OH


The line from Dayton to Xenia always interested me. I was born in 1983, but vividly remember being in the car with my mom stopped at the Fairfield Road crossing in Beavercreek by a slow moving train. Traffic was really backed up. On another occasion I recall seeing a train overhead as we crossed beneath the bridge over I-675. Those were the only two instances that I ever saw anything on that track, other than some cars parked in the Clement Yard area off of 35. I've read that the line was abandoned in 1986, with the last train movement in September of that year. That would've made me no more than 3 years old when I witnessed those trains. Is it for sure that there was no other activity? I read elsewhere that the tracks weren't actually removed until the 1988-89 time frame.

Tim K
Fairborn, OH


I grew up in western Beavercreek, the old PRR tracks formed the south boundary of our property. My family lived there from 1948 until I675 took our property around 1974 or so. I can remember the old black F7s(?) rolling by and blowing their horns for us. I also saw the train in Xenia blown off the tracks in 1974, the whole town was devastated.

edward douglas
beavercreek, OH


The PRR operated an accommodation from Springfield to/from Xenia, thence (I think) to Richmond, IN. The consist was an E unit and a sleeper. It arrived Spngfld in the AM, idled all day at the station a block south of the NYC station, and departed in the late PM. The sleeper may have come from either St. Louis or Chicago or even Pittsburgh and The East, detached from a through train at Richmond. I observed this 1949-53. It is not in a 1960 TT that I have.

Stan Yoder
Pittsburgh PA, PA


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