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Greg Harrison

The Spencer Railroad passenger station can be found near the center of the town of Spencer. There is no evidence of any tracks or right-of-way in this area. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2013.

The Spencer Railroad was first chartered in 1878 to build a line from the Boston and Albany Railroad line in South Spencer to the town of Spencer proper. In 1889, the railroad was sold to the B&A outright.

The line was abandoned under ownership of the Penn Central Railroad.

You can see evidence of the right of way on Wall St. There's track in the pavement.The train rain through the street when it left the woods. Plus, it's easy to trace the right of way to the Depot Rail Trail.

Holden, MA


I live about 3 blocks from this location and tonight just now we heard the 8:00pm church bell ring 8 times. Then we heard a set of 1-2-3 train horn blows and I stopped and said we don't have any trains in Spencer. I was sure it was then we heard 2 more blows!! We immanently went online and tried to find a map showing tracks by my house and we find this site. Amazing what we heard! We heard a ghost train!

Alexandria S.
Spencer, MA


You were hearing the train a couple miles to the south on the mainline. I think there are some weird acoustic effects because you can hear a train from several miles north of downtown spencer - perhaps conduction over water or a "bowl" curvature? I don't know but I can confirm you can hear trains miles away.

anytown, MA


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