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Greg Harrison

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This shows the bridge piers over I-25, with the Evans Ave. overpass in the distance. Note the discarded rails in the foreground. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2002.

This abandoned railway was operated by the Colorado and Southern Railroad, a subsidiary of the Chicgo Burlington and Quincy Railroad, and was a small segment on its mainline from Denver to Pueblo. A majority of the line was largely abandoned in the 1930s or 1940s when the C&S obtained trackage rights over the D&RGW/AT&SF Joint Line (see Palmer Lake to Crews). However, this segment between South Denver and Connors lasted much longer but it, too, is now abandoned.

The bridge at the location in the photo was removed in the early 2000s as part of an upgrade/widening of I-25 in the area.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

Are the bridge abutments/supports shown in the photo above still in place following conclusion of the Interstate 25 construction?

Kevin M. Smith
Cicero, NY


No the bridge piers are gone now. Question- I have been searching FOR EVER trying to find info on this line. Where did it go to?? I read somewhere it went all the way to parker? when was it abandoned? do you have any photos of it in use? thank you

Denver, CO


This line is the old C&S mainline fron Denver to Fountain, Colorado.

Information about this line is contained in the book "The Denver and New Orleans Railroad".

I don't know if it is still in print.

Dave Gonce
Colorado Springs, CO


I lived in Castle Rock for a time and have pix of the old C&S steel girder bridge that spanned those piers (gotta dig 'em out, sorry). The RoW west of here is the roadbed for the RTD extension from downtown to Park Meadows Mall. In Mike P's picture, he's standing just about where RTD leaves the RoW and turns south along the freeway (he's looking southeastish, judging by his shadow. Must be late in the day.) Everything in this picture is gone or so drastically changed it would be comparatively unrecognizable (except those high tension power lines).

Mark C.
Oroville, CA


While in Jr. High and High

School (South). I lived just a block and 1/2 of this rail line. I rode my bike to the tracks to watch the engine and spray tank come along to spray weeds on the right of way. As i recall, a short train wouls carry freight out to thew end of the line (So. Holly).. There was nothing behind our house on St. Paul to Holly--just empty fields. Someone grew wheat across the ally from our yard.

BOb Phares
Denver, CO


I was a student at the University of Denver in the 1990's, the tracks were still there down the middle of Buchtel from Broadway to near University but isolated. The section between University and Colorado was gone by then, I was told that trains ran until sometime in the eighties to serve a lumber yard just across I-25 near Holly. Originally the city wanted the light rail to follow the C&S right of way but NIMBYS near Buchtel complained and so they put it in the trench with I-25.

Orlando, FL


I authored the 326-page chronicle on this railroad, DENVER & NEW ORLEANS: In the Shadow Of The Rockies, published by Sundance Publications in 1997. While the book is long out of print, Ebay has them, and I have saved a few low numbered, signed books for a rainy day. History: This line was built in 1881, became a mainline to Fort Worth after joining forces with another railroad to finish construction. The Colorado & Southern took over in 1898, creating a joint track agreement with ATSF RR the following year. The old D&NO became a secondary line, quickly eliminating service south of Manitou Junction (where it had a branch to Colorado Springs). In 1917, the Springs branch was abandoned (except for some street isolated trackage) and trains turned at Falcon. Service was cut to Elbert after a brief rebuild from 1935 flood. Tracks removed Sullivan to Falcon in 1936. Sullivan to Connors two years later. The Connors Spur was in service until 1981 when Kronenburg Lumber received its last car from BN. Optima Battery saw last train in 1993 and tracks removed across South Broadway that year. This railroad was very interesting to research and I was lucky to befriend many old-timers who rode it and some who worked on it. I now live in Vermont, but plan to revisit D&NO country in 2017 when I will produce a documentary film on the life and times of the railroad and its people who lived along it. There is a lot of erroneous information on this railroad, so I couldn't resist writing. Best wishes, James R. "Jim" Jones, railroad author and filmmaker

James R. "Jim" Jones
Aurora, CO, CO


Jim Jones,

I'm not sure you will get this message, but if you do, I wanted to provide a little info. There is still a short piece of track in Colorado Springs that terminates off the old ATSF line at Moreno Street next to the Forest Service building. Additionally, in Pueblo, the remains of this line served a brick yard for years past abandonment. Those tracks were pulled up 10-15 years ago where it did street running for a few blocks. There may be some pieces of rail still lying around. In Fountain, there were sticks/pieces of rail used for piers against erosion along Jimmy Camp creek. That area was developed into single family homes about 10 years ago and the rail disappeared at that time. You can still follow the old grade in places between Falcon and Pueblo......

Bryan Johnson
Fountain, CO


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