The Soumethun Branch

Oasis to Soumethun, TX

A map produced by the Texas Department of Transportation in 1975...
A map produced by the Texas Department of Transportation in 1975 shows the line (highlighted) between the stations of "Oasis" and "Soumethun" (shorthand for nearby Southern Methodist University). Today, part of this line serves as Dallas Area Rapid Transit's Red Line light rail service. (1975, submitted by Mike Palmer)

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: AB 12 Sub 66 7/15/1981 Section: 10903
Summary application filed to abandon a portion of a branch line of RR known as its Soumethun Branch from M.P. 269.813 at or near Oasis to M.P. 269.156 at or near Soutmethun, a distance of .657 miles, in Dallas County, Texas.
Length: 0.657 miles

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I assume that Soumethun was shorthand for Southern Methodist University. If I remember correctly, this branch was a connection between the SP and the MKT and was abandoned for the widening of Central Expressway.

George Zapalac
Austin, TX

This line is now used by the DART Red Line between Union Terminal and Parker Road Station, I believe.

Greg Harrison
Haslet, TX

The Soumethun Branch was the remnant of the old H&TC mainline after construction of Central Expressway severed the line in the late 1940s.

There was a spur into the SMU campus when it was being built in the early decades of the 1900s.

Dennis Hogan
Frisco, TX