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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Smyrna & Delaware Bay Railroad)

This view shows the right of way of the Pennsylvania RR branch from Clayton to Smyrna, at the location of its last customer (Rothwell), about midway between the two towns. The rails are barely visible in the dirt driveway. This view is facing west, adjacent to DE Route 6. Photo by Mike Palmer, May 2003.

Between Clayton and Smyrna, this line ran parallel to what is now Delaware Route 6. Some remnants of track are still visible where it crossed driveways and side streets. This line was originally constructed in the late 1800s and became part of the Pennsylvania RR just after 1900. This segment survived the Penn Central years, but was later abandoned in 1976 when Conrail was formed.

Beyond Smyrna, the line continued eastward to Woodland Beach, and was originally built as the Smyrna and Delaware Bay Railroad in effort to find a more direct route to New Jersey across Delaware Bay rather than around it. The line headed east from Smyrna to Woodland Beach, where it accessed a ferry crossing to Bay Side, NJ. This line was abandoned in 1903.

The rails are still present at this location, despite the grain elevators having been demolished a few years ago. The site is pending a housing development.

Jay Davis
Clayton, DE


A Family Dollar Store is being built on this property. As of 11-10-2014.

Tacan Willie
Smyrna, DE


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