Abandoned Rails of Slack Industrial Park

This is the southern end of the main siding. The KCS mainline is the elevated track in the background which services the park. The siding off to the left is used occasionally to unload rock gondolas onto rock-hauling trucks. Its length is about 2,000 feet.
Further north on the siding. The siding itself is on the left on this side of the switch. The other track serves a warehouse just behind and to the right of where this picture was taken. The KCS is using the usable part of the siding to store MOW equipment. The bridge in the background is LA state highway 526, or the "Bert Kouns Industrial Loop."
Same place as above, but looking northwards down the main siding. The siding splits into two main tracks just on the other side of the concrete driveway. The tracks leading into the warehouse are in poor shape.
Looking down the double-track siding proper. Ash Grove Cement at the north end of the park can be seen (it's the white tower behind the tree). This is a good indication as to how long the siding is, as the tracks rejoin with the KCS main just on the other side of the tower.
The beginning of the double tracks. The tracks are in pretty bad shape.
A view of the double tracks. There are many streets that cross the tracks such as what is seen here. In every instance, the tracks have been paved over. The first crossover is just out of view past the street in the background.
The first crossover, and a good example of the typical condition of each of them.
A lone switch stand and target still guards over its switch. The switches themselves were rusted to the point that the switch points were immovable.
Another view down the tracks. The track on the left serves a loading dock that runs the length of the warehouse.
Towards the northern end of the park, the ladder tracks begin coming together.
Here is a view of the other track as the two become one. The single track then heads off through the overgrown grass back to the KCS main line.
A view of the switch that serves the two tracks and the grass that has overcome it.
The target that watches over the switch. As with the other switches, the points were rusty and immovable.
A small bridge over a ditch. This is just north of the switch seen in the previous pictures.
Looking at the small bridge from the top. Wonder what it would be like to lay under the bridge as train passed over you?
An abandoned rail still holds its place among the growing grass and weeds.
The tracks as seen from just north of the small bridge. The tracks curve off to the right, and then back the left as they approach the KCS main line. At this point, they merge with the main double-track siding north of Ash Grove Cement, which is just outside the picture on the right.
Here the tracks merge with double-track siding before merging with the KCS main line. This is the northern end of Slack Industrial Park, about a mile north of where the first pictures were taken. You can see that the tracks to Ash Grove Cement are still in use by the parked covered hopper on the right.

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when i was station at barksdale afb,la. we did a lot of night hauling for barksdale afb never did what we hauled out of slack,depot hated this duty.

jimmie w. whaley air force ret.
wodland, AL