Abandoned Rails of

Shreveport, Louisiana

To start, here are some pictures around an industrial district southwest of downtown.
Next we'll go downtown and see some sights around Shreveport's Central Station. Here is a KCS bridge with the old SCS Restaurant sign rising above it.
Behind Central Station is some railroad equipment that belongs to the Red River Valley Historical Society. Here is a GE 70-tonner that used to belong to SWEPCO before being donated. (SWEPCO is the energy provider for the Ark-La-Tex area.)
Another view of the 70-tonner. This locomotive and cars were to be used for a dinner train excursion that never materialized.
ex-Erie & Lackawanna mail-baggage car, number 4315.
These cars are currently stored under the Spring/Market street bridge, which themselves are under Interstate 20.
A lightweight passenger car donated by the Union Pacific, moved here from Longview, TX.
Shreveport Central Station was built in 1910 for use on the St. Louis & Southwestern, and is the only surviving passenger railroad terminal in city built prior to WWI. The yard behind the station along the Red River, now used by Union Pacific, was a joint yard for both the Cotton Belt and Southern Pacific. The KCS Raceway is located to the south of the station.
Now let's go to Shreveport's northern industrial district.
Here are some tracks near the downtown airport.
Here we are near Grimmett Drive, where we see what looks to be well-maintained tracks; however, the overgrown foliage tells a different story.
A final shot reveals the tracks completely overcome by the foliage.
Cross Bayou Bridge: Here is a view of the entire span over Cross Bayou, including the A-Truss in the middle.
Cross Bayou Bridge: A closer view of the "A-Truss" frame. This view is looking East from Market Street.
Cross Bayou Bridge: A view of the span from the other side.
Cross Bayou Bridge: A close-up of the A-Truss looking to the West from Clyde Fant Parkway.
Cross Bayou Bridge: Here is the historical marker describing the bridge.

With Shreveport being a big railroad town in its heyday, it's not surprising to find a lot of traces of old railroad tracks in and around downtown. Here are some pictures depicting such.

The Cross Bayou Bridge: Across Cross Bayou in just north of downtown is a KCS bridge in the form of a Waddell A-truss. There are only two of this type of bridge in the world, the other located in Parkville, Missouri.

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I really enjoyed your pictures and captions! I've lived in Bossier my whole life and never knew the railroad history until now. It is so intriguing and I appreciate your dedication to making sure it has been documented!

Bossier City, LA

I go to Shreveport all the time and always wondered the story behind some of the abandoned tracks I see. It cool to know someone else has interest in this also!

Natchitoches, LA