Shawneetown to Altamont


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Greg Harrison

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 13963 Date: 9/13/1942 Section: 1
Application of Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railroad Company to abandon and remove that part of the line wholly owned by it and its undivided interest owned jointly by it with the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Co. and the Baltimore and Ohio to abandon operation of the entire line between a point near Omaha and Junction 11.65 miles; between Junction and Wyatt 5.31 miles and between L. & N. Junction to Shawnestown 0.69 miles, a total distance 17.65 miles in Gallatin County, Illinois.
Length: 17.65 miles Citation:  
Docket Number: 26965 Date: 12/22/1971 Section: 1(18)
Application for authority to abandon its operations over the Flora to Shawneetown Branch Line betw. Sta. 3869+5C to Sta. 0+00, a total distance of 73.27 mi., and abandonment of the line itself from Sta 3869+50 to Sta. 319+13.7 and from Sta. 36+56.2 to Sta. 0+00, a total distance of 67.91 mi., all in Clay, Wayne, White and Gallatin Counties, Ill.
Length: 67.91 miles Citation:  
Docket Number: AB 19 Sub 27 Date: 3/18/1975 Section: 1(18)
Applic. for authority to abandon a line and operation thereof, between Sta. 3961+17, at Flora and Sta. 9415+49, Sangamon Junction, a distance of approx. 103.29 mi., all In Clay, Effingham, Fayette, Shelby, Christian, and Sangamon Counties, State of Ill.
Length: 103.29 miles Citation:  

I think this line (along with the L&N line to Shawneetown) was abandoned at its southernmost ends after 1937, when the Ohio River Flood totally demolished the river port of (Old) Shawneetown and forced its residents upriver to (New) Shawneetown. Of course, that's just an educated guess. I'm not 100% sure.

St. Louis, MO


The line was still intact to Shawneetown. Both the L&N and the B&O came together at Junction, west of Shawneetown. There was jut a switch, no signals. There was an interlocking with B&O-style position lights for a mine spur west of Shawneetown. This crossed the B&O and was just a shuttle between the mine and river, no connection to other railroads. It had Position lights all four directions and semaphores with blue lenses for Distant signals. This line has beebn abandoned and torn up, between Spriongfield and Shawneetown. A B&O line from Springfield to Beardstown was abandoned in the 1970's. There was an interlocking with G M & O in Ashland, with semaphore signals on both lines.

There is no trace of either line left now. Parts of the B&O Line from Springfield to Taylorville are a hiking and bicycle trail. The Interlocking Tower at Pana, where it crossed the C&EI, NYC, and IC, still stands.

George Carlisle
Tulsa, , OK


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