Segars to Poston, SC

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According to the "South Carolina Railroads" section of, the Florence-Poston railroad was completed in 1914 by the South Carolina Western Railway as its "Line #2". At Poston, it was connected to the Georgetown & Western Railroad coming up from Andrews. In 1915, it & the G&W was absorbed into the Seaboard Air Line, and the former G&W railroad this line met at Poston became part of the EC Line north of Charleston that remains in service w/ CSX.

This section was abandoned in the very early 1980's.

Mitch Bailey
Lexington County, SC

Correction: Pamplico-Poston was abandoned in the 1970's. I remember it being there crossing US 378, from family trips to Myrtle Beach around '71-72.

Mitch Bailey
Lexington County, SC

Mr. Bailey, I am writing you hopefully to contribute information about this line. I didn't know if you had anymore on it, but I wanted to contribute something since I lived in Darlington County where it passed through and now live in Chesterfield County now where it starts.

This line starts in McBee, SC where it wyes off of the old SAL S-line and dead ends at the HB Robinson Nuclear Plant. Up until this year (2012), this short line was still used for coal delivery to the coal fire plant. They are shutting the coal fire plant down in October 2012, possibly retiring the spur permanently. It was originally called the SC Western Railway, completed in 1912 where it ran from McBee, SC to Poston SC. In 1914 most of it was absorbed into SAL. A good bit of ROW is still visible by satellite. After the SAL/ACL merger in 1967, the track in Darlington was pulled up as was a lot of the SAL lines, but in 1970-1972 Fiber Industries was built and a spur was relaid on the old bed to service it. The diamond where the SC Western crossed the Cheraw and Darlington RR was in place until 1979. In Florence, an overhead bridge on US 76 says Seaboard 1928. Some trackage at this bridge was still down but overgrown with grass beside Florence Airport, but was cleaned up a few years ago. You can still see some ROW between Pamplico and Poston and can also see via satellite where this line merged into the ACL line at Poston.

David Elliotte
Hartsville, SC

I grew just north of Darlington, SC. In the 1950,s the SAL had a local freight that ran from Poston to McBee, going North to McBee on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, and south to Poston on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It was powered by an ALCO RS road switcher. The Poston to Mcbee line crossed the old ACL at Smith Ave. just north of Darlington. There was a signal tower at that location signals were set against the SAL. I Used to hang out at that crossing and the men on that crew took up a lot of time with me, they would let me ride across the crossing sometimes in the locomotive, sometimes in the caboose, and several times I rode from the crossing into Darlington. They would let me go into the tower and operate the levers that changed the signals. Also a few times they let me ride on freight cars that were being dropped switched into a tie siding with ACL. It was a great experience, and I learned about the line. In the 20's and 30's passenger service was on that line and the little signal tower at Smith Ave. was manned. One of my daddy's friends worked at that tower, and I got to meet and talk some with him.

The writing of Mr. Elliotte is correct. Last year Duke Energy shipped a rotor for a generator at the Robinson electric plant. They brought it down the old tracks from McBee to where they now end on at a secondary road, and they transported it along Hwy 151 to the plant. I retired from Duke and was involved in that move.

This article brought back some fond memories. I went in service in 1959 and never really returned to that area. FYI there is a small railroad museum in McBee at the Library, and a SAL caboose is located there. Hope maybe this was of interest.

Jimmy Bradshaw
Sumter, SC