Sedalia to Warsaw

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This line was abandoned in the 1950s or 60s.

Jim Ardnt
Chilhowee, MO


Enjoyed looking at the site. This rail road line ran through my home area.

Dudley Kaiser
Lincoln, MO


Heres a link to a book that my dad wrote on the line...

Jim Bird


I read Mr. Bird's book recently, and would recommend it to others interested in the line.

I also grew up with the ruins of the main trestle over Ramsey Branch literally out the back door of my house! Wish I had a picture of what it looked like while it was still in service.

Douglas Hank
Warsaw, MO


This line went right through the property I grew up at. A rail station was thought to be incorporated into the house I lived in; directly east of Springfork Lake.

todd strother
sedalia, MO


Originally built as the narrow guage Sedalia, Warsaw, and Southern 1ine in 1880. The line was acquired by the Missouri Pacific in 1890 and standard gauged in 1902.It was abandoned in late 1946, with the last train on August 31 of that year. Details of the line along with 110 photos can be seen in the book "Rails to The Osage" published by Ken Bird in 2011. See for ordering information.

Kenneth L. Bird
Lincoln, MO, MO


I noticed the map is incomplete. It shows nothing of the tracks that went through Warsaw. I've seen pics of the tracks behind what was a grainery and is now the Corner Gardens restaunt. If you look close behind the glass shop you can see where the tracks went. So why no maps of town? I walked a lot of the old roadbed.

Kenny Nowack


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Do you have any pictures or information about Sedalia to Warsaw? Please . You will get credit for anything you contribute.