Schenectady to Green Island


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Greg Harrison

Looking northeast along the old ROW in Schenectady which is now a paved walking trail. This location is near Jay Street and goes behing the former Alco Plant site which is now the Ramada Inn. The bridge over Nott Street was removed in 2001.

This abandoned railway line ran from Shenectady behind the Alco Plant Site and generally followed the Mohawk River. It went through Aqueduct, Niskayuna, Crescent, Cohoes and then crossed the Hudson River to hit the NYC line on the east side of the river at Green Island. The line was abandoned in the 1970s and early 1980s. Much of it has been converted into a trail, and 12 miles between Crescent and Rexford has been incorporated into the Mohawk-Hudson Bikeway. The ROW is still easy to see in almost all areas.

OK I remeber when the Northway was first built in the 1960s the was an actual grade crossing with gate arms right on the hill after the twin bridges across the Mohawk. I saw trains cross the Northway. That was obviously this line.

Mechanicville , NY


This RR line was originally known as the Troy & Schenectady RR, which later became part of the New York Central System. I do recall seeing a long slow-moving east-bound NYC train carrying freight over the bridge crossing Jay Street in downtown Schenectady in either 1963 or 1964. In 1965, when I-87 was built, the railroad actually had a very rare grade-crossing at the Interstate, but shortly thereafter, most of this line was abandoned, especially since there were no customers between the ALCO Tank Plant Spur at Aqueduct (Niskayuna), and the Ford Tractor Plant in Cohoes, thus maintaining all that customer-less track and paying taxes on it just wasn't practical. In its glory days however, this route provided passenger train service between Troy and Schenectady, with train stations in between, at a time when rural roads were unpaved, and cars were few or non-existent.

Winton Hancock
Rockledge, FL


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