The Santa Rosa Branch

Schellville to Santa Rosa, CA

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: 9950 4/18/1933 Section: 1
App. of Southern Pacific RR. Co. and Southern Pacific Co.for certificate to abandon (1) that part of the Santa Rosa Branch between Schellville and Yulupa, a distance of 8.07 miles; (2) that part of the Santa Rosa Branch between Los Guilicos and Santa Rosa, a distance of 8.028 miles; and (3) that part of the Wingo-Union Branch between Ramal and Wingo, a distance of 2.07 miles; all in Sonoma County, California.
Length: 18.168 miles Citation: 193 ICC 416

Also under this filing: The Wingo-Union Branch

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It is easy to drive most of the actual route of the Southern Pacific Santa Rosa Branch within the City of Santa Rosa. Montgomery Drive was built on the abandoned right-of-way from its intersection with Channel Drive in east Santa Rosa, to just north of its intersection with Third St. near downtown. From there, the line continued north, just east of North St. The open lot on the east side of North St. between 13th St. and 14th St. was part of the SP Santa Rosa Yards, and the station building once stood just east of North St. on that block.

North of Spencer Ave., the tracks turned 90 degrees to the west and paralleled Pacific Ave. They followed a route that now goes through Santa Rosa Junior College, their path still largely not built upon, to US 101; beyond that highway an empty path marks the route to where its junction with the Northwestern Pacific RR existed, before 1933.

Gene Poon
Rohnert Park, CA

Actually, the line from MONTGOMERY DR. TO SCHELLVILLE was abandoned in 33. The line from the NWP junction with it and to the North Street yard were still there in the late 50's-early 60's

Santa Rosa, CA