Sanborn to McHenry


Map submitted by Andrew Laverdiere.

GOOGLE MAPS no longer available: With apologies, I am unable to continue showing Google Maps. Google has forced my hand by increasing their map usage fee from nothing/free to OVER $300 A MONTH for the Abandoned Rails website! This is an expense that I simply cannot afford. Rest assured I am looking at available open source alternatives, so maps should be back online soon!

Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Sanborn, Cooperstown & Turtle Mountain Railroad)

A rough timeline of this abandoned railway:

        Sanborn    Rogers    Dazey    Walum    Hannaford    Cooperstown    Binford    McHenry
1883       |----- Sanborn, Cooperstown & Turtle Mountain RR ------|
1898       |---------- Sold to Northern Pacific Railway ----------|
1899                                                              |--- Northern Pacific --|
1981                                                                          |-abandoned-|
1988                 |- aband.-|
1996                                                |------ abandoned --------|
2004                           |- aband.-|
2005       |- aband.-|

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