Eureka to Crannell, CA

The Eel River and Eureka Railroad was built in 1884 to grant pas...
The Eel River and Eureka Railroad was built in 1884 to grant passage between Humboldt Bay and lumber mills along the Eel River in California. It was purchased by the San Francisco and Northwestern Railroad, and ultimately the Northwestern Pacific Railroad. Photo by Peter Lewis, October 2008.

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It certainly is Humboldt Bay with the former LP Pulp Mill in the background. The crane like structure is the chip loader. The track was the former Dolbeer & Carson log dump which impounded logs in the Bay. It was last used by Holmes Eureka before they wer sold to Pacific Lumber Company. Pictures of D&C #3, a 2-6-2, were taken on this structure in 1950 dumping logs.

Alfred Doten
Virginia City, NV, NV

This line actually continues way south along the Eel River, all of which has clearly been abandoned. It eventually ends way down at the old NorthWestern Pacific yard in Willits. There are a number of washouts and collapses along the river, though remarkably, most of the line is still railed. It looks as though numerous bridges and tunnels along/across the river are also still intact!

I also found an old spur back up near Eureka that ran past Humboldt State University that ends at the lumber mill in Korbel - It's got some beautiful old wooden trestles along with an ancient-looking bridge across the Mad River. Most of the line itself is pretty long gone but you can still see it from the property lines on Google Maps.

One of the most interesting finds I've stumbled across via satellite maps - Anyone have any background info on this rail e.g. who owned/operated it? I'd love to know the history behind it!

Alan Shriver
Iowa City, IA

that railroad went beyond Crannell at least as far

that rr went beyond Crannell at least as far as Big Lagoon. I t know that because when I was a child .. in the 1940s we lived at Moonstone Beach, just north of Crannell,and

my dad used to walk to the railroad and catch a train to work. The same train that brought logs out of the woods brought the loggers to work.



meredith berry
Crannel, CA

4 gp9s in extremely faded sp red and gray are on this branch as of April 2019 there is also a bn centerbeam in better shape.

Some user
Sacramento, CA