San Bernardino to North Redlands, CA

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Southern Pacific Railroad
Docket: AB 12 Sub 54 11/1/1976 Section: 1a
Application filed for authority to abandon a line of railroad extending from MP 542.09 near San Bernardino in an easterly direction to the end of the line at MP 549.37 near North Redlands, a distance of 7.28 miles in San Bernardino County, Calif. (This includes the stations of Norton A.F.B., Marigold, Crown Jewel, and North Redlands).
Length: 7.28 miles

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Minor corrections: Norton AFB (Air Force Base), Marigold

Gary Hunter
San Bernardino (originally), CA
Thanks Gary, I've corrected the filing.   —Greg Harrison, Abandoned Rails

After my previous comment I did some extensive research on the TWO non-ATSF routes from San Bernardino to Redlands, one by PE and the other by SP. I found some old maps and was surprised to find a somewhat confusing history behind the routes. SP had a junction with the Redlands "Crafton Branch" and ran to San Berdoo on its own route, which eventually ran N-S on WATERMAN, taking a left (west)on Rialto Ave, (a familiar sight to me in the later '50s). The SP abandoned and ripped up their Redlands line around 1936, leaving the PE via 3rd St as the only (excluding ATSF)route. The Rialto Ave. trackage re-emerged in 1951 when PE de-electrified the Berdoo and abandoned 3rd St (portions)east of the junction of the Arrowhead and E. Highland lines, as well as the onetime SBVT line to Colton along Mt. Vernon-La Cadena. A 1901 map clearly shows Rialto Ave SP. (No PE until 1914). A 1947 map shows NO RIALTO AVE TRACKAGE east of where the PE diverged eastbound from Rialto Ave, around E St. A 1954 map version shows the Rialto Ave line, intersecting the old PE line at just about Waterman. Marigold, Crown Jewell were the stations on the vestigal remnant of the PE Redlands line, operated until 1976 by the SP from Colton on the Colton Ave trackage. I copied some of these maps and marked some of them up. I will be happy to share them and the web address where I found them. It took me a while to unravel some of this overlapping mess. At one point, I thought the Santa Ana river bridge at La Quinto had been part of the SP route, but research corrected this error on my part, as SP and PE had totally separate routes to Redlands. There was a 1951 farewell fantrip to Berdoo on the PE using an electric car (1200?) The trip went to Sunkist at the end of the 1951 trackage. It would HAVE to have gone via 3rd St. to have catenary. The summary is: This was a PE line, but operated by SP after de-electrification.

Gary Hunter
San Bernardino (originally), CA

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barb sleigh
san dernardino, CA