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(Forwarded from the Salt Lake & Los Angeles Railway)

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At a location called Crystal, an old SLG&W interurban car stands as a reminder of the regular passenger service that once served the Saltair Resort. Next to it stands an abandoned power house. Photo by Mike Palmer, March 2011.

Started as the Saltair Railway in 1891, this line ran westward from Salt Lake City to the Saltair Resort, on the banks of the Great Salt Lake. The resort itself was a popular destination in the first part of the 20th Century, and the Saltair Railway (later renamed to the Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railway in 1892) was there to provide passenger service to/from Salt Lake City. The railroad was once again renamed to the Salt Lake, Garfield and Western in 1916, and was electrified in 1919.

As the century progressed, attendance number steadily declined, until World War II, when the resort shut down to maintain the war effort. When it reopened after the war, it struggled and ultimately closed in 1958. As a result, the SLG&W also ended their passenger operations in the same year.

The tracks to the resort were soon abandoned, and today, only bridge piers remain that mark the railroad's path to the former location of the Saltair Resort. The SLG&W still provides freight service in and around Salt Lake City.

As a long haul trucker, I often pass the site of the old powerhouse. The interurban car that is shown in the picture is now gutted out due to an apparent fire and vandalism. The new resort is looking in disrepair also. Not sure the details of the resort.

Phoenix, AZ


Unfortunatly I think the powerhouse has now been removed along with the trolly, I went to go to out there and its all gone, its really a shame, it was such a unique area.

Salt Lake, UT


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