West Meyersdale, Pennsylvania

The Salisbury Viaduct


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Looking across the viaduct. As with most rail-to-trails, it has been renovated with concrete flooring and metal side railings for safety. The viaduct crosses a large valley, a river, two highways (old and new Route 219s), and an ex-B&O CSX main line. Photo by Quentin Mong, July 2005.

The Western Maryland Salisbury Viaduct, located near Meyersdale, PA, is about 2000 feet long, and almost 100 feet high. Originally constructed to accept a double-track mainline, a single track only occupied it; the railroad line and bridge was abandoned by the Western Maryland in the early 1970s.

Today, pedestrians and bikers alike cross it, as it is part of the Allegheny Trail; it offers wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, not to mention the CSX (ex-B&O) line that passes under it.

Thanks to Quentin Mong for contributing information about this route.

If you look at the bottom right of the photo,at the east end of the Salisbury viaduct,you can see where the Blue Lick branch went up the valley to Berkeys mills to service the coal companies there. This branch was operated by the Western Maryland until 1975 or so and then by chessie system into the mid 1980's

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My great grandfather T. Burnsworth was killed with others in a work crew while building this railroad bridge.

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mineral county, WV


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