LaGrange to Coulumbia

The Saint Joseph Valley Railroad


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

This railroad line ran between LaGrange, IN and Columbia, OH, though the towns of Mongo, Orland and Angola. This portion of the line was abandoned by the 1920s.

See also Abandoned Rails of Niles.

Thanks to Mike Fromholt for contributing information about this route.


I got a cement land line marker from a friend this spring. It has the letters L.S.M.S. stacked on top of each other.(lake Shore & Michigan Southern). On the other side it has the letters St. J. V. T. Co. land line stacked on top of each other. I'm interested in knowing where this line ran through in Northern In.(Gary-Goshen?) What did these letters stand for? (St. Joe Valley Railroad?)

Henry Chupp
Nappanee, IN


This line at one time had planned to join the Pioneer & Fayette railroad at Columbia, Ohio. There was grade work done from Pioneer, Ohio, where the P&F terminated, on to Columbia, for the joining of the two lines, but never had and track laid to finish it.

Martin Huffman
Bryan, OH


The St. Joseph Valley Railway station in Orland, Indiana is still extant - though moved many years ago from its original location. It can be seen on the west side of IN Route #327 about one half block south of the center of Orland....also visible on Google Street View. Its original site was along the former right-of-way, oriented east-west, now "Railroad St" east of #327.

H. Lloyd
Oxford, OH


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