Rutland to Forbes


Map submitted by Andrew Laverdiere.

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Greg Harrison

This railway was built by the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railroad in 1887, and connected the communities of Rutland and Ellendale. In 1905, the line was acquired by the Great Northern, who extended the line beyond Ellendale to Forbes. The GN was merged into the Burlington Northern later.

The route was abandoned in stages:

  • Rutland to Ludden Junction abandoned in 1974
  • Ellendale to Forbes in 1981
  • Ludden Junction to Ellendale in 1984

The GN station in Ellendale was about 150 feet so west of the MILW station. Both stations were still standing in the early 1990s, but I don't know about now. One of them-and I don't remember which-was the town museum at the time I was there.

Fargo, ND


My grandparents used to live in Ellendale. I used to watch the BN switch cars at the station when I was younger in the 70's. The GN depot is owned by a man that works and rebuilds classic cars inside the depot. The Milw depot I believe is still a museum. Sure miss the NW5's that used to go through town!

Bob P.
Coon Rapids, MN


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