Burlington, VT to Rouses Point, NY


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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Rutland Railway)

A marker in Burlington, VT, discusses the Rutland Railroad's "Island Line". A still-active remnant of the Rutland is operated by the Vermont Railway; the single track line runs behind the red-roofed pavilion in the background.

This extension of the original Rutland Railroad was built in 1898, and completed the next year. It was built in order to circumvent the nearby Vermont Central routing. It ran north from Burlington, VT, across Lake Champlain, and into Rouses Point, NY, just south of the international border with Canada.

The line was abandoned in the 1960s. Evidence of it still exists as land bridges were used to cross the lake's many islands. Also, a portion of the line in Burlington is in use as the Island Line Rail Trail.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

I remember (sadly) the wrecking crews tearing out the rails all along this line from Rouses Point through Malone and on into Ogdensburgh NY. I was around 13 at the time. I'm 58 now. How sad this was.

Doug Vensel
Malone, NY


I notice no one continued the line from Rouses PT wet. I would like to add two items. Between Rouse Point NY and Alburg VT the Rutland had a branch going north to Cananda. It cross US 2. It's still visible but you have to know where to look. Mooers Ny was a junction for 3 Railroads. The Rutland E-W. The D&H from Mooers south to the new mainline and from Mooers north to Cananda, I believe it was the Grand Trunk or another Canandian RR. In fact the local town has the original Rutland Station sitting right near the junction. You can see it on the map. The is a bridge that is still in just this side of the Border. Going north on Hemmingford Road you can see it on the right.The D&H line was the main line with trackage rights over the Rutland to Rouse Point until they built the new main from Rouse Point to West Chazy. Not sure when they abandoned the old branch. 30's Maybe. You can see the old junction nearn Slosson Rd.

Jerry Misik
Palmyra , NY


yes indeed, thr Mooers line north of the canadian border was the GRand Trunk later the CNR

Gus Portelance
Montrreal, CN


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