The Rockport Railroad

Simonton Corners to Rockport, ME

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Rockport Railroad was a narrrow gage line laid out by the Rockport lime manufacturers Carleton, Norwood Company and Shepherd Company in 1886. It ran three miles from Simonton's Corner to the kilns at the Rockport waterfront. The railroad had two Vulcan locomotives, and 35 five-ton cars built by Knowlton Brothers in Camden. The line operated for 14 years, after which it was sold to the Rockland-Rockport Lime Company. You would never know it to look at the picturesque town now but it once held a huge limestone plant right on the harbor and the ovens were fed from above by the railroad.

Dan Rousseau
Haslet, TX

The 3' narrow gauge railroad had several steep grades as well as seven wooden trestles to cross the Goose River that winded its way to Rockport Harbor. Today the only thing left of the railroad are overgrown roadbed with bits of ballast, multiple spikes and joint bars here and there, as well as a single length of rail beside the Goose River. Photos of the two Vulcan locomotives can be seen here

and here

Caleb Randolph
Ellsworth, ME