Ridgway to Ouray

Point of Interest

One can drive the roadbed of the Rio Grande almost all the way from Ridgway to Ouray. It parallels the main highway, on the opposite side of the river. It is easiest to get on it from Ouray and drive north to Ridgway. Go toward the river from the center of town in Ouray, and turn north just after crossing the river. Drive through the large trailer park and continue along the road on the west side of the river. The road will begin to narrow and will gradually leave the populated areas of Ouray. At one point it is possible to turn across a bridge to the main highway, but don't do so. Continue north to traverse the best part of the old roadbed. It climbs higher and higher on the east face of the mountain, with great views across the valley below. Eventually it comes down a couple of miles south of Ridgway. It is a good road (although narrow in places) and provides a fascinating alternate route between Ridgway and Ouray for any railfan.

Stan Blevins
Lubbock, TX


2 things,this is the Rio Grande southern and doesn't this go over Lizard Head Pass.

Zachary Yarbro
Oxly, MO


2 things. This is NOT the rio Grande Southern and it does nNOT go over Lizard Head Pass

Ott Mears


Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/be9

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